The World’s First Financial Metaverse

A Space For Your Every Need

Neo Arena is not just a hedge fund, it's a financial force. Like many other companies of its size and stature it has clients and employees scattered across the globe. Although this is a mark of their success, prioritising human connection and trust — key to financial relationships — can get difficult.

The Future Is Virtual

However, thanks to NoCap Meta's custom Metaverse, Neo Arena not only overcomes this, but blazes a trail for other companies to follow. By allowing clients to interact with their financial advisors and other employees in the Metaverse, Neo Arena is bridging the gap between online and real-life like never before. AR and VR technology along with spatial audio and state of the art graphics allows customers to feel like they are in a face-to-face interaction, all from the comfort of their own homes.


Businesses need their "personal" space

From facial expressions to group conversations and body language, the Metaverse misses nothing. Gone are the days of waiting times, commutes, and lines and of glitchy and impersonal video calls. With the Metaverse, developing relationships with clients and employees is easier than ever. Whether it's a one-on-one client meeting, a board meeting, or a company wide townhall, the Neo Arena Metaverse has the spaces and technical capacity to handle it all.