TOMS Shoes

With a little innovation and dedication, NFTs can help make the world a better place. This is NoCap Meta’s belief. That’s why we are proud partners of TOMS shoes.

TOMS Shoes is a shining embodiment of the values of NoCap Meta and Web 3.0: focusing on helping people through technology and commerce. Their business model has blazed a trail in what business can do, and what it means.

1/3rd of all TOMS Shoes profits go to doing grassroots good in communities around the world. This means empowering community leaders. Giving them the funds and freedom to create solutions for the biggest problems facing their communities. TOMS has consistently backed their values – helping people and the planet — with action. Our partnership is a continuation of this.

Together, we launched a collection of 10 NFTs with 100% of the profits going to the International Medical Corps.

The IMC is a grade-A organisation dedicated to providing healthcare relief in regions all over the world. They help vulnerable people in regions plagued by disaster, war, or inadequate healthcare systems. Their projects include providing aid in Ukraine and Syria,  hunger relief, sanitation development, and help in combatting diseases like Ebola. They also train healthcare workers worldwide to continue this work.

The NFTs

We have created a limited edition collection of 10 NFTs featuring both special edition and classic TOMS shoes. Each NFT costs 1,111 MATIC coins or about 900 USD with each and every dollar going to the IMC. Browse through the shoes, their stories and their impact:

Helping People


The people who make the shoe. The people who buy the shoe, the people who are gifted the shoe by TOMS. The people who are helped through its profits. TOMS is committed to treating everyone fairly and respectfully.

Everyone along the supply chain is compensated fairly and supported. Everyone who wears the shoe can rely on it to be durable, comfortable and fashionable. Everyone who partners with them finds financial and strategic support with no strings attached.


Helping the Planet


TOMS is committed to long-term projects and strategies that reduce its impact on the planet. They are paving the way for sustainable methods in business and fashion. 


They are focused on using sustainable cotton and aiming to switch completely to it as early as 2025. Their packaging is made from sustainably sourced materials with at least 80% of them being recycled materials. They keep a close watch on their carbon footprint and environmental impacts, they are committed to constantly improving their relationship with the environment. 


All the NFTs are on the Ethereum blockchain, which uses the environmentally sustainable POS mechanism. This allows individuals to help the planet and people in need with minimal impact on the environment.




Web 3.0 and TOMS shoes agree on several things and decentralisation is a big one. Decentralisation is the central ideal of the new Internet, of Web 3.0. It means that people and communities can interact, conduct business transactions, and work with each other without middlemen. There is no third-party control, data ownership, or misuse. 


This is the same principle behind the TOMS Grassroots for Good program. Usually, a company gives money to a big charity that controls the funds, where they go, to whom they go, how they are released, and what they are used for. 


Instead, TOMS believes in empowering communities and their leaders to take change into their own hands. It’s about creating a network of strong nodes instead of a hierarchy that doesn’t represent the people at the bottom. 


The IMC takes the same approach to healthcare. While sending their own healthcare workers for their programs, they fund local programs and train healthcare workers worldwide. Instead of creating a chain that leads back to them, they focus on creating a network of health that expands continually, independently, and in every direction.