Introducing "Aynaa.ai", the vanguard of AI communication. Our AI Mascots go beyond responses, engaging with human-like nuance. With multilingual support, they converse globally. Utilize extensions for appointments via Google Meet and draw insights from Vector DB. Whether it's humanized chats or training AI with specific content like product catalogs, Aynaa.ai streamlines digital engagement, integrate into your Website, Application or Virtual Environment today.


Integrate Aynaa.ai with Your Website, App, or Virtual Environment Today

Your always-on AI Mascot. Guide customers, schedule slots, decode languages, and expertly capture and retain leads.
The tireless digital frontliner for your business.

Step 1: Create Your Persona

Dive into the initial phase of crafting your AI Mascot's identity. This is more than just programming; it's about breathing life and character into your digital companion. Define their voice, choose their lingo, set their boundaries, and decide on their demeanor. Do you envision them being witty and humorous, or perhaps more serious and professional? Every detail matters. This stage is crucial in determining how your AI will interact and resonate with users in various scenarios.

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Step 2: Add Your Extensions

Boost your AI Mascot's capabilities. Upload key documents like student handbooks, orientation materials, or product catalogs to inform its responses. With the integrated appointments feature, your AI can schedule bookings, coordinate meetings via Google Meet and Calendar, and send confirmation emails. Harness the full potential of your AI Mascot with these extensions.

Step 3: Dive into Integration! 

Ready to bring your AI Mascot to the digital playground? Dive into our breezy API documentation, crafted for Node.js, JavaScript, C#, Go, Dart, Curl, C, HTTP, and Java enthusiasts. Whether it's a mobile app, a buzzing website, or a lively virtual realm, pop your Mascot in and watch the magic unfold!

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Try Aynaa.ai's  AI Mascots

Deploy our AI Mascots on your platform. Guide, schedule, translate, and capture leads effortlessly. Dive in and experience our test personas today. Become the digital frontrunner.


Aynaa boasts multilingual capabilities, proficiently understanding and generating content in a wide array of languages. While its expertise shines brightest in English, it recognizes several Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and more, along with major international languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, and others. This makes Aynaa a versatile digital companion, ready to engage users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


Aynaa stands at the forefront of humanized digital interactions. Rather than the cold, robotic responses typically associated with AI, Aynaa offers warmth, understanding, and a touch of personality. Imagine a user feeling hesitant about a purchase; Aynaa can sense the uncertainty and respond with empathetic guidance, much like a seasoned salesperson would. It's not just about answering; it's about connecting, ensuring every interaction feels genuine and tailored.

Vector DB

Dive into the power of Aynaa's Vector DB, the brain behind our AI Mascot. By training it with student handbooks, orientation documents, product catalogues, service manuals, FAQ sheets, and user testimonials, you're not just inputting data; you're sculpting the intellect and expertise of your digital companion. Equip it with the knowledge it needs, ensuring that every query is met with an informed and precise response, reflecting the very essence of your brand and its values.


Unlock the potential of Aynaa with the power of extensions. Transform your AI Mascot into a functional team member by adding appointment booking capabilities, integrated with Google Meet and Calendar. Go beyond with the ability to send confirmation emails, dynamic FAQs, guide virtual tours, provide instant product recommendations, and handle customer feedback. Equip your AI Mascot with these tools, ensuring it's not just smart but also indispensable to your daily operations.

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