Tokenization of Physical Assets


Profit from previously illiquid assets

Tokens are the future of assets and currency, and their potential isn’t limited to JPEGs. You can: 

-> Retain your physical assets while collecting on their token value

-> Globalise your consumer base

-> Trace and authenticate your assets instantly and accurately 

More Loud
Less Power Consuming
To Your Happiness

How we do it

Transparency about our processes is at the foundation of NoCap Meta’s operations and values. We collaborate with you to value, tokenise and list your assets.

Tokenisation isn’t a vague buzzword to us, but a true innovation that can unlock previously frozen value.

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Previously, the only way to capitalise on fine art was to sell or to organise viewings — arduous and inconvenient. 

With tokenization and NFT creation, you can profit off these assets with complete security and ease, while keeping your collection intact. We have tokenized both private and museum collections and pieces ranging from paintings to sculptures to artefacts.

Real estate

Real estate is a notoriously slow and complicated market, but with our tokenization services, it no longer has to be.

Through us, you can invest in global securitized properties via tokens and even trade them on a secondary market. 


Collectables of all varieties — trading cards, currencies, etc. — are a multimillion-dollar industry. Through our tokenization services, we ensure that your collection and its value don’t remain locked up — but are rejuvenated for a new audience and market. You don’t have to give up your assets to realise their value.

Move beyond the material plane

Rehydrate your assets, deleverage your liabilities