Metaverse & Virtual Spaces


Blur the line between IRL and online like never before.

Online interaction is here to stay, and it’s time to move beyond video calls: present to your own conference room, brainstorm with your team in real-time and socialise after work at an event or even a concert. With us, you have access to: 

  • India’s only fully capable metaverse with seamless many-to-many interaction
  • Diverse physical spaces — for work, socialising and hosting 
  • Choosing from an array of customizable assets 
  • Branding and advertising opportunities that make sponsorships easy.
More Loud
Less Power Consuming
To Your Happiness

Educators and Corporates

Imagine an online classroom or office where everyone can interact and participate simultaneously, in real-time. Where visual aids can be presented seamlessly. We offer spaces for work and learning that transcend the geographical boundaries and uncertainties of the real world.


A concert. A street fair. A museum. A fashion show. A pop-up brand experience. All these things can be planned to a grand, physics-defying scale, without all the liability, regional tax, and overhead of a ‘real-life’ event. Don’t let three dimensions limit your imagination. Contact us to plan something surreal.


Although the metaverse isn’t all fun & games, it certainly is brilliant for it. Immerse yourself like never before in your favourite MMORPG, horror game, first-person shooter etc. with VR-integrated Metaverse gaming. Become your character — see through their eyes and watch them shoot, scream, and run when you do. Host your game with us and turn it into an experience.

Transform your business, today

Don’t let three dimensions limit your business and its events. We work with you to create a virtual experience that exceeds real life. 

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